TOR for Business Development and Fundraising Consultancy

Terms of Reference for Business Development and Fundraising Consultancy

Date of Issue: 21st January 2021

Duration: 1.5 months

Deadline for application submission: 5th February 2021

1. Brief Introduction of EACHRights

Established in May 2010, The East African Centre for Human Rights (EACHRights) is a non-partisan, Regional Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). EACHRights exists to initiate and undertake programs that promote and enhance Economic, Social and Cultural (ECOSOC) rights for vulnerable and marginalized groups in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The organization specializes on the Right to Education, Right to Health and Child Protection.

All the East Africa Community (EAC) States have comprehensive Bills of rights incorporated into their constitutions. However, several challenges and risks have limited the actualization of the Governments’ ambitions for improved welfare of children.

Poverty leads as the main cause of neglect and Violence Against Children (VAC); followed closely by weak enforcement of regulations; weak child protection systems; poor coordination amongst key actors; and insufficient resource allocation. Many children across East Africa are orphaned or vulnerable, including children living with HIV/AIDS and Children with Disability (CWD). Access to services and participation in community life by children is also relatively low. There is thus a need to reaffirm the commitment of the EAC States towards promoting, protecting and fulfilling the rights of children in the region, including mechanisms and resources for the same.

On the economic front, the budgetary allocations to children’s issues remain low, with most of the priority issues affecting children not being effectively addressed. The over reliance on donor funding for children’s sector activities in East Africa reflect a lack of commitment by the Governments to prioritize children’s issues. The said donor funding is itself reducing rapidly. Further, privatization of basic services like education and health has pushed the availability of the same beyond the reach of many people.

EACHRights’ work over the next five years will be organized into the following strategic focus areas: ECOSOC Rights Advocacy; Research and Knowledge Management; Partnership Development; Capacity Development/ System Strengthening; and the Institutional Development of EACHRights.

2. Rationale and Objectives of the Assignment

The advancement of the child rights agenda is to be achieved through engagement with governments, regional human rights bodies and other stakeholders working around children issues both nationally, regionally and internationally. EACHRights aims to strengthen and expand on its role in supporting and collaborating with regional bodies and CSOs that contribute to the realization of children, youth and women’s rights in Africa.

Accordingly, EACHRights is seeking an experienced and dynamic consultant to conduct a donor and stakeholder mapping and analysis and fundraising strategy that will enable the organization to achieve its strategic plan through forging effective partnerships in the African and East African region. 

3. Tasks and Scope of the Assignment

The tasks and scope of the consultancy will be to:

a. Undertake a donor mapping and analysis and draft a comprehensive report which includes but not limited to:

– List of donors including bilateral and multilateral donors, foundations, and companies whose policies and practices uphold human rights principles 

– Donors’ key thematic/ focus areas and their relevance to EACHRights’ work and strategic plan

– Donors’ key opportunities, their funding schedule/timeframe, and size of funding

– Donors’ COVID-19 related interventions and opportunities

– Donors’ grant and contract process and main compliance requirements

b. Develop a fundraising strategy which includes:

– Sources of funds the organization should prioritize, including potentially non-traditional ones

– Key relevant fundraising methods and activities

– Internal structure required to achieve the fundraising strategy

-Three thematic areas where EACHRights can pioneer and add value, and which are prioritized in development financing

– Develop Concept notes that will be the basis of the organization’s fundraising in the three thematic areas. Participatory methodologies can be used

c. Conduct an in-depth regional stakeholder mapping and analysis and draft a comprehensive report which includes but not limited to:

– List of relevant stakeholders and their ranking in terms of influence, power, and interest

– Special interest will be given to EAC, IGAD, AU, APRM, ACERWC, ACHPR, AfCHPR, RECs, treaty bodies, and any other regional entity that will be of interest.

4. Deliverables

– A high quality, comprehensive donor mapping and analysis report;

– Fundraising strategy and three concept notes;

– A high quality, comprehensive stakeholder mapping and analysis report

– Presentation to the senior management team and to all staff

5. Minimum Requirements and Competencies

  • Demonstrable prior experience in conducting business development and fundraising consultancy in the not-for-profit sector
  • At least ten years’ experience in producing and implementing fundraising strategies
  • Experience in partnership development financing.
  • Advanced University degree in non-profit management, international relations/
  • development, business, or related field.
  • Excellent leadership, organisational and time management skills
  • Excellent communication skills including in presentations, report writing and research
  • Excellent spoken and written English
  • Good judgement, pays attention to nuance and detail, takes initiative, high sense of responsibility, tact and discretion, with sensitivity to different cultures.

 6. Supervision

The Consultant will be expected to be self-motivated and able to work independently. Supervision and support will be provided by the CEO and Senior Management Team who will also provide a general induction to the work, relevant background documents, and links to the relevant entities and/ or individuals across the wider organization and outside of it

7. Payment Terms

Payments will be made in the following instalments:

  • The first installment is 25% upon the signing of contract.
  • The second installment is 50% upon the submission of draft donor mapping and analysis report, fundraising strategy and concept notes, and stakeholder mapping and analysis report.
  • The third instalment is 25% upon the submission and satisfaction of:

– A high quality, comprehensive donor mapping and analysis report;

– Fundraising strategy and three concept notes;

– A high quality, comprehensive stakeholder mapping and analysis report

– Presentation to the senior management team and to all staff

8. Timeline

9. Submission of Proposals

Interested candidates who fully meet the above criteria are invited to send their applications via Brighter Monday Kenya through this link . Remember to select the Log In button & submit your application.

  • An updated Company profile and /or Curriculum Vitae (with references)
  • Cover letter (indicating interest and past experiences from similar projects)
  • The EOI & Financial proposal will be required at the interview stage.
  • A detailed Expression of Interest (EOI) work plan and proposal for the assignment (not exceeding 3 pages)
  • A financial proposal that indicates the all-inclusive fixed total contract price, supported by a breakdown of costs for each task or element in the ToR. (not exceeding 2 pages)

Applications are to be submitted on or before 5th February 2021 by 5:00 p.m. (EAT). The subject of the application letter or e-mail should read ‘Business Development and Fundraising Consultancy’.

Only e-mail applications will be accepted. In-complete applications will not be considered, and only successful candidates will be contacted. Any form of canvassing will lead to automatic disqualification.

10. List of Annexes

EACHRights Strategic Plan

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