Radio Segment Transcript: Teenage Pregnancy in Homabay

Teenage Pregnancies in the Wake of Covid-19 in Homa Bay County

Radio Segment Transcript

Objective of the radio Segments: To create awareness and facilitate a discussion on the current trend of teenage pregnancies in the wake of Covid-19 within Homa Bay county.


Dates: Friday, 17th July 2020

Time: 8:00am-9:00am (1 hour) 

Target Audience: Parents

Host: George Odhiambo Ogola


  1. Kennedy Oyier: Parent and Chairperson Homa Bay County Education Network
  2. Madam Ziada Osano- Sub-County Director of Education, Rangwe Sub-county
  3. Mr. Joseph Otieno- Children Officer- Rangwe and Homa Bay Sub-County



At the beginning, all the listeners (parents) were reminded of the radio talk show and why they were required to participate considering the topical issue to be discussed touches on the development of their boys and girls. Each panelist had an opportunity to introduce him/herself organizations they work for and leadership.

Parents were informed of airtime worth ksh 250 to be given out to parents who will get chance to call, respond to questions and provide suggestions which are in line with the discussion.

We have checked and seen cases of teenage pregnancies increasing, it has affected us as a people and  we need to look at it critically considering the impact it has in the  development of our children this calls for some sort actions”(by Host)  

 Give a summary of how the introduction of the discussion was done.

Presentation on the status of teenage pregnancies in the wake of Covid-19

Listeners were made to understand the definition of teenage pregnancy in the context of WHO statistics for teenage pregnancies between 2017- May 2020 accompanied with some statistic over time

What is contributing to the high number of teenage pregnancies in the county?

Summarize the discussion on this from the panelists

Madam Ziada;

 I want to reinforce an element mentioned by one of the parents around our roles and responsibility to our girls and those in our care (orphans) we need to provide our girls and those under our custody with basic provisions i.e sanitary pads without boundaries.

Madam Ziada;

On the issue my dress my choice there has been a lot of debate around the same cause for those who are growing now would want to present themselves in a way that make them happy (in relation to clothes that our girls are putting on) as opposed to wish of their parents .I wish to request our parents to be role models considering that some of this behaviors are influenced through the environment where they leave “environment shape dressing and character”   


Echoed the element of   poverty mentioned by one of the parents as a contributing factor given those households with low income they are not in a position to provide their children with basic requirement this is likely to compel girls from such background to go out of their way for support from outsiders who are likely to take advantage of the situation and end up impregnated such girls in the name of providing support.  

Defilement as a key cause of teenage pregnancies.

Summarise the Discussions here

Mr. Otieno;

I want to thank all our listeners who have been able to call and respond objectively to question asked however majority are struggling to call and not going through kindly it’s important to read the number again.

 “Defilement is the main cause of teenage pregnancy”. A child by definition as par children act 2001 is any person below 18 yrs. Defilement, it’s an act of engaging a minor a boy or a girl below 18 yrs in sexual related activities with or without their consent  this is further reinforced  by sexual offence act 2006 by Njoki Ngung,u

Section 8 of the Act talks of one who commits an offence of engaging a minor aged below 11 yrs in sex is liable to be jailed for life. For one who commits similar offence by engaging in sex with a minor aged  12 -15yrs yrs  is liable for jail term not less than 20 yrs  if one is  found to have engaged a child within 16-18yrs in sexual activity  is liable for jail term not  less than 15yrs.

Procedure of handling defilement case;

  • Take the defiled child to the nearest hospital in company of a parent or care-giver.
  • She is not supposed to shower or wash the clothes this is likely to interfere with the evidence.
  • If she can’t walk with the clothes, put them in a brown envelope, or have them rapped using a newspaper as oppose to poylythen bag this will help capturing remains i.e. reproductive fluids.
  • Report the matter to the nearest police station and avail the treatment notes from the hospital after which they will be given a p3 form.
  • Upon making reports an investigating officer will be assigned this case he/she will take over the matter and accompany the victim to the hospital to fill P3 form.   
  • PRC (Post Rape Care) that is given to the parent one is left at the facility with one given to the police Have clothes.

Baba Gregory;

What can the panelist say about gender based violence and how it contributes to teenage pregnancies?


Madam Ziada;

It’s true Gender based violence at family level can destabilize families with children in many occasions forced to run away from their homes only to land in the hands of wrong people who end up abusing them. Children from such abusive background are likely to grow up knowing that violence is the order of the day.

Mr Otieno SCO;

Gender based violence is the major cause of the teenage pregnancies that we keep on referring too.

Local solutions:

Role of parents;

  • As parents /care-givers we are expected to play our role when it comes taking care of our Girls and those under our custody.
  • Parents need to be more responsible to provide for the basic needs to all our children without discrimination.
  • Parents need to change their mind-set with regards to treating their children equally.
  • Parents needs to be open to discuss issues around sex and sexuality without fears.
  • Parents to understand activities their children are engaging in.
  • Parents need to know the friends of their children.
  • Parents need to be concerned with what their children watching through TV and radio and mobile phones.

Roles of boys;

Boys need to provide security for their sisters.

Boys also need to part of education when it comes to ensuring that they also understand   

  • What needs to be done? By who?

Role of parents?

  • Access to education and the re-entry policy for teen mums

Interactive Segments

Summarize the calls made by parents

Causes of teenage pregnancy;

Mzee Juma Oking from nyalkinyi;

Mode of dressing by some girls who are almost walking naked this puts them at risk.Most of the cases of teenage pregnancies during Covid-19 period are by close relatives i.e. parents and brothers to some of the girls cause during this time there were restrictions on movement so this pregnancies we are talking are not from outside.

Nyar kipasi from Arujo

Parents portraying negative behaviors i.e kind of dress some mothers put on in front of their girls portray a negative image this is likely to influence the girls to copy similar traits.

Vulnerable girls left in the hands of care-givers who end up not supporting the Girls access basic essentials such body lotions and sanitary pads during menstrual period this is likely to force them seek for such support elsewhere which is not provided for free but in exchange of sexual favors.

Bila shaka from Gwassi-Wiga;

Poverty is a major contributing factor for example a girl may lack some essentials i.e. sanitary towels which some parents/care-givers can’t provide cause of low income levels.

Some parents or care-givers allow their daughters to sleep far away from them they end up mingling with boys as result there are high chances of intimate relationships which in some cases lead to the pregnancies we are referring to.

Our boys and girls access digital devices such mobile phones which they use to call their friends and watch funny funny movies.

Mama Sarah;

Some parents tend to lean and support funny behavior by some of their children and when one of the parents either father or mother tries to comment then you hear one of the parents saying leave my child alone.

Role of parents;

Min Jaduong;

Parents to prioritize talking to their children in relation to some of the common challenges they are likely to face as they grow and above all teach their children on Christian values.

Victor Tobias from Kendu-Bay;

 Since majority of the parents don’t talk to their childrenfrequently they end up going astray this  calls for personal commitment by parents to engage with their children to avoid such occurrences of cases of teenage pregnancies.

Mama Nyamalo from Arujo;

Talking to our children on various issues affecting them if we don’t do this then this is likely to expose them to risks such as rape etc.

Min Sophie; from Namba;

As parents we are supposed to be role models by portraying positive behavior, secondly our children need to be taught not to be influenced by money for instance you get a young girl befriending an old man not because of relationship it’s all about urge for money and also  parents we need to know friends of our children.

Mary from Ogongo;

it’s not very easy for some our parents cause demands for the girls are so much and when we don’t  provide they opt to get favors from outside, Parents need to be their children and try at all cost to provide basic essentials.

As parents we are also expected to know what our children are using mobile phones and what they are watching in TV.

Ochieng Olela;

The way our girls are dressing isn’t okay this is a pointer to us as parents to be role models some of our children learn such characters from us as parents.

Closing Remarks

Call to action?, Next steps discussed?

What needs to be done; Mr Otieno SCO

Preventive approach; Parents to create time and talk to their children and stakeholders who include representative from Government, Media and CSO to educate communities on issues relating to defilement

Responsive approach;

There is need to report defilement cases to available authorities or make calls through toll free line 116 ,make follow-up, arrest by children office,chief,police;ensure safety of the abused girls through Rescue, guidance and Counselling.

Conduct more of awareness and sensitization sessions on child protection.  

Regards to access to education;

Madam Ziada

For parents it is important to note existence of School Re-entry policy as a   framework meant to ensure all the girls who in one way or the other may have given birth they are stigmatized and denied access to quality education as pathway to their future .It is a presidential directive whose implementation calls for good will of which is to be reinforced by different actors including parents.

Again as parents we need to be aware also of retention policy; This policy requires that all children to be in school and as MOE we ensure through EDU-AFYA that has been entered between  NHIF and MOE as an approach that gives children access to benefit from an array of reproductive health related services and other ailments

Key Observations/Challenges/ Recommendations


  • Time allocated for the radio program is not sufficient to cover most of the areas comprehensively.
  • Time for the program doesn’t attract more listeners cause either they are in their farms, business or at work place so we are not able to have people listening and commenting.


  • There is need to extend time within which the program should take i.e. from 1hr -2hrs if financial logistics can allow.
  • There is need to change time when such programs needs to aired i.e. from morning to late evening for example between 7pm-9pm again this is pegged on availability of logistic.


Coverage for Radio Sunset is still low and this affects the scope of the target groups who are key in the issues we are talking about.


In the future if funding allow we may think of engaging other well established radio stations.  


Dates: Saturday, 15th August 2020

Time: 2:00pm-3:00pm (1 hour)

Target Audience: Teenagers and Youth

Host: Trevor Titus


  1. Kennedy Oyier: Parent and Chairperson Homa Bay County Education Network
  2. Ms. Irvine Carol- Miss Homa Bay
  3. Richard Michael- President, Kenya Children Assembly, Homa Bay County



Give a summary of how the introduction of the discussion was done.

The presenter informed listeners of the long awaited radio program whose time has come today and we are pleased to host panelists representing different organization to discuss and help us understand status of teenage pregnancies in Homa-Bay County awake of Covid -19 and what needs to be done to change the situation. Despite the panelists having been introduced, they were given time to say a word to the listeners.

Listeners were made aware of airtime refund worth Ksh 250 for those who will be able to make calls and contribute during the discussion.

Context: Presentation on the status of teenage pregnancies in the wake of Covid-19

Give a summary on this. Outline reactions from parents and the other panelists if any.

Ms. Irvine Carol;

The numbers that have been shared with us don’t lie. It’s true and this points out to different stakeholders in the County that teenage pregnancy is problem that needs to be dealt with seriously by addressing the predisposing factors.

 Richard Michael;

Am also shocked with the numbers more so the rising cases in with statistics indicating  Ndhiwa Sub County where am currently situated I want to urge our parents, local leadership and other stakeholders to join hands together in confronting this menace by doing something.

What are your perspectives on increasing cases of teenage pregnancies in the county? What do you think the problem is?

Summarize the discussion on this from the panelists

Ms. Irvine Carol;

Predisposing factors contributing to teenage pregnancies include;


Young people tend to do/copy what their fellow peers are doing not taking into consideration of the risks that come with some of the behaviors which end up predisposing some to risks such STIs,Teenage pregnancies etc.

Unhealthy relationships between boys and girls;

Boys and Girls engage in relationships that come with conditions such as being compelled to demonstrate real love by engaging in unsafe sexual relations with no protection as a result pregnancies become the end product.

Question to Miss Irvine from the presenter;

Who is allowed to use condoms?

Response by Irvine;

Not just everyone though for those who are considered to be at risk and those who are sexually active including young people. Condoms are used as preventive measure to pregnancies and sexual related infections.

Richard Michael;

Parents have failed in their responsibility to guide their children to avoid getting into situations such as engaging in unhealthy sexual relationships that have dare consequences. Teachers have played vital role in guiding children while in school cause teachers take more time with the children as opposed to the parents.

The trends however have changed due to Covid-19 the responsibility of taking care and guiding children has been taken back to parents who are to be too busy in the name of providing for livelihood of their family.


There are families with low income that can’t allow them to provide extra basic needs required by their children more so Girl child who may need sanitary pads during menstruation.

Lack of information on the consequences of some of the choices that come with what we are doing

Communication barrier;

Some parents find it difficult to talk to children on issues relating to sex and sexuality this between parents and their children most of the parents feel shy to discuss issues around se and sexuality this predisposes them to risks

Lack of good role models for children to copy;

Some parents portray negative behavior which is likely to influence the kind of behavior their children are likely adopt e.g. Some  mothers accompanying  men in their  houses in the presence of their  children this is likely to copied by the young ones.

Calls by parents;

Michael mbata from lambwe;

As parents we need to take time with our children to know them better and advice accordingly on areas that are likely to put them at risk as oppose to leaving this role to outsiders.

Charles from pap ndege kabunde;

One day I was shocked with the kind of utterance by a mother who is my close neighbor to her daughters over use of her lotion; “All of you are grown-up you need to go out and look for men to buy your own lotions” she is forgetting that it’s her responsibility to provide for the daughters.

Truancy behavior by some children for example when a parent talks to his/her children some of the response one will receive isn’t pleasing “Dad or Mum you don’t understand we are in the digital era for you guys you are analogue”.

Visiting relatives during holidays has a close link to some of the cases because some of those being visited don’t have controlover how some of the children behave and carry out themselves around.

Influence by use of digital devices where our children get access some materials which are not productive.

Vivian from Makongeni;

Some parents are so harsh to their children making them not to be close to their parents and share their challenges openly. They end up being misled by their fellow peers through wrong advices and myths such as; if you engage in sex at early age you are not  likely to be operated when one become an adult and secondly they are also told if you don’t experience in engaging in sex one is likely not to be married.   

Brian from Karachuonyo;

Poverty is also a driving factor that may lead to girls from poor families to be at risk cause of them not being able to provide for their girls essential products such as sanitary pads.

What message do you have for young boys/girls engaging in sexual relations at a young age?

Summarize the Discussions here

This section include suggestions by parents and panelists.

  • Young people should resist from engaging in early sexual relationships.
  • Young people need to respect their body and avoid being misused.
  • Young people to focus on their education as key to unlock their dreams in life.
  • Young people need to resist from peer pressure that is likely to predispose young people to succumb to risks.
  • Young people should be patient instead of rushing into unhealthy relationships that have dare consequences.
  • Young people need to engage in constructive activities instead of being ideal that make them engage in destructive actions.
  • Young people should know the kind of friends around them.
  • Parents to buy their children some books with information on life skills and reproductive health during this period as means of promoting their self-esteem.  
  • Young people to avoid unhealthy relationship.
  • Young people to try their level best to practice abstinence as means delaying sexual debut.

What do you think needs to be done to minimize cases of teenage pregnancies in the county?

What is the role of the youth and teenagers?

Due to shortage of time this section was never explored

How can parents support teenagers better?

Parents need to be close to their children in terms of my friends, what I do and where I go to as oppose to having excuse that they are too busy providing for their family.

Parents needs to be committee towards

Interactive Segments

Summarize the calls made by teenagers


How can the guest help us I the event such behaviors exceeds control by parents


Dalmus Otieno from Mbita

How can supported to stop children who are below 18yrs in fishing activities.



It is illegal to engage any child below 18yrs in work that is above their age and ability .As a community we have a preventive role to play by engaging leaders within BMUs (Beach Management Units) to hold their members accountable in the event they are found engaging young boys in fishing related activities secondly we can report such cases to the nearest Chief/asst chief offices for appropriate action.

Atito FromKamreri;

On issue of sexuality I want to urge our children not to hurry into engaging in sex there is time for everything.

Lucy Akinyi from Rodi-Kopany;

Is it okay for parents to introduce their Girls to family planning methods?


By Ken; Yes though with caution cause FP methods also have their side effects  

As enshrined in SRH Bill 2019, it acknowledges family planning services as one of the areas that both adult and teenagers. For the young ones there is need for consent to be given by parents before having the girls on FP methods.

Closing Remarks

Call to action? Next steps discussed?

  • Let’s us remained focused in our education.
  • Let’s embrace prayers. 
  • For parents let’s support our children in achieving their dream.
  • As young people we need to be responsible for our life.
  • As parents let’s play our role in promoting holistic development of our children.
  • For both the president and Miss Homa-Bay let’s use existing structure to continue sensitizing fellow youths to adopt good behavior.
  • For Sunset we would wish to still engage with you in a number topical issues that touches growth of our people.

Key Observations/Challenges/ Areas of Improvement


  • Time allocated for the radio program is not sufficient to cover most of the areas comprehensively.
  • Time for the program doesn’t attract more listeners cause either they are in their farms, business or at work place so we are not able to have people listening and commenting.
  • Host not being mindful of time hence having more running adverts only to realize little time left for serious engagement with the panelist.
  • Mastery of what is expected by the program by the host is very critical this will determine whether the sessions was able to meet the desired objectives because he/she is the one to drive the show.


  • There is need to extend time within which the program should take i.e. from 1hr -2hrs if financial logistics can allow.
  • There is need to change time when such programs needs to aired i.e. from morning to late evening for example between 7pm-9pm again this is pegged on availability of logistic.
  • There is need to have the host understand clearly what the program intends to achieve and dedicated most of the time in engagements as opposed to music and adverts which eat into the small time allocated for the program.
  • There is need from our end to identify  and engage  1 host who seems to understand some of the social issues we are trying to tackle this will make the interactions lively as opposed to have hosts who despite reading the guide still struggle in bringing out some of the questions or issues.


Coverage for Radio Sunset is still low and this affects the scope of the target groups who are key in the issues we are talking about.


In the future if funding allow we may think of engaging other well established radio stations.   

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