Education Support Programme


Every Child has a Right to Free, Compulsory, Quality Basic Education.

This is Guaranteed in the Kenyan Constitution, 2010.

The Education Support Programme (ESP) seeks to promote the realization of the right to education in Kenya and East Africa through research and advocacy, policy reform, community engagement and awareness creation, partnerships, and public interest litigation. The right to education in this respect requires that education be:


A sufficient quantity of schools or educational institutions be provided and public education be adequately funded


Accessible to all without discrimination; Key Dimensions: Non-Discrimination, Physical Accessibility & Economic Accessibility


Form and substance of education, including curricula and teaching methods, have to be acceptable i.e. relevant, culturally acceptable and of good Quality


Flexible so it can adapt to the needs of changing societies and communities and respond to the needs of students within their diverse social and cultural settings

The overall objective of the project is to ensure that the State fulfils its obligation to provide free and basic primary education in line with its obligations as laid out in national, regional and international laws, treaties and conventions.

This entails working towards:

  1. An improved public education system: This involves working with the Ministry of Education and other stakeholders to reflect on and interrogate: the level of the sectors resourcing and associated fiscal framework and plans to progressively establish or improve public schools where they are needed.
  2. A clarified and enforced legal framework clearly outlining the role and impact of complimentary or non-formal education.
  3. The establishment of national and regional networks of civil society partners actively working together to address and mitigate the impact of education privatization.
  4. Empowered community members able to actively demand and seek for better public education and the proper regulation of private actors.

For more information about the project you can get intouch with Linda Oduor-Noah at or Margaret Wawira at

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