Communication from the Ministry of Education to Bridge International Academies

Following the press release that we published yesterday on recent communication from the ministry of education to Bridge International Academies, Clickhere to see full communication.

EACHRights Perception Survey Report

EACHRights Perception Survey ReportI would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that took part in this survey and thereby making it a success. I begin with the respondents from government and civil society that filled the questionnaires. I also wish to thank all those members of the civil society and the public as a whole that took time to participate in the Focus Group Discussions (FGD). Indeed, the combined knowledge and experience of all these people provided invaluable information that contributed to the findings of the survey and for that I am very grateful. Download

A compendium on economic and social rights cases under the Constitution of Kenya, 2010

compendium-on-economic-n-social-rightsPoverty, inequality, socio-economic marginalisation and poor human development, are challenges that have bedevilled Kenya
for a long time. The government has projected that, approximately 46-56 per cent of Kenyans are living below the poverty
line, 1 though non-governmental organisations argue that this is an understatement and that, the more correct approximation
is about 56-65 per cent of Kenyans are living below the poverty line. 2 The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in
their annual Human Development Index (HDI) have consistently ranked Kenya as a low human development country, with the
country being ranked at position 145 among the 186 ranked countries of the world in 2013.

EACHRights Profile

EACHRights Profile (PDF Version)Enhancing the Realisation of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in East Africa

Strategic Plan 2011-2012

Strategic planIn developing this strategic plan, the board of trustees, board of directors and management of The East African Center for Human Rights provided strategic direction for the organization and emphasized that the strategic plan would be pegged on institutional and programmatic growth. Download


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