Pro Bono Scheme

EACHRights’ Pro Bono scheme is dedicated to improving equal access to justice for all. This it does by bringing into a pool, a wide range of professionals working and/ or interested in human rights work, especially economic and social rights. These include lawyers, counsellors, judges and magistrates, human rights advocates, students and scholars who are willing to provide their services (legal and/ or otherwise) for free or at reduced fees to all eligible applicants.

The Pro Bono scheme provides an opportunity for the Advocate, to meet their professional responsibility to society; gain more experience in the courtroom and develop practical skills in the area of human rights litigation. It also provides an opportunity for the student/ scholar to interact with human rights practice, where human rights extends beyond academic studies; widen the scope for areas of research and enable them to advance a career in human rights. Judges and magistrates have an opportunity to offer leadership by educating Advocates on the intricacies of the court, participating in Pro Bono awards ceremonies, and providing feedback on performance to Pro Bono Advocates at the conclusion of a case. Human rights advocates will use this platform for advocating for systemic reform, changing laws, policies, regulations, and practices that benefit government bureaucracies at the expense of our human rights and human dignity.

To offer your professional services pro bono, please fill in the APPLICATION FORM TO OFFER PRO BONO SERVICES and mail the duly filled registration form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject: "application to offer pro bono services"

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